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BIN-TIDY: Tidy your bins with, Recycle Bin Covers, Recycle Bin Brackets

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Parasol and Rotary Dryer Covers

We now produce parasol and rotary dryer covers!

Heavy Duty patterned Parasol or Rotary Dryer covers in numerous designs.
Pebble, Daisy, Green Grass, Green Check and Black.
Covers are made to easily slip over your parasol or dryer and are stitched with heavy duty nylon. No zips to break or velcro to wear out.

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Welcome to BIN-TIDY

BIN-TIDY produce brackets and bin covers that fit most caddies and bins. BIN-TIDY brackets are designed to allow you to fix your bins to any wall or your caddy to the inside of a kitchen cupboard door. BIN-TIDY covers are elasticated, waterproof, keeping everything dry whilst making your bins look cool! With retro, modern or traditional designs BIN-TIDY keeps your recycling away from pets and pests and minimises odours, especially if kept inside.

Recycle Bin Brackets

Recycle bin and food caddy external brackets:

  • Recycle bin and external food caddy brackets allow you to fix your bin to the wall
  • Allowing water to drain from them
  • Making them easier to fill for the elderly or disabled
  • Keep caddies and bins tidy
  • Keeps them out of reach of pests or pets
  • Allows you to utilise space (fitted to a wall or fence or in a garage etc)
  • Simple lift on, lift off design
  • Fixings included

Recycle food caddy internal brackets:

  • Food caddy brackets allow you to fit the internal food caddy in a kitchen cuboard, utility or larder to eliminate the smell and move the caddy from sitting on your workspace
  • The brackets are designed to fit any bin or caddy with a lip

Universal Crate/Bin Covers

  • Great designs make bins less unsightly
  • Water resistant (no more soggy paper)
  • Keeps the rubbish dry (no more wet feet from water draining out when time to put out for collection)
  • Stops papers and light items blowing away
  • Reduces odours
  • Keeps out pets and pests
  • Allows for over fill
  • Will fit most boxes, bins or crates
  • Covers the rubbish from sight
  • Securing strap

Please note:

All bins and caddies are slightly different. Bin-Tidy brackets are designed to fit under the lip of the bin or caddy. Please make sure the bracket suits your bin or caddy. As a rule the black bins suit the large bracket and the green bins the two shorter ones as shown in the pictures.



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